Hello and welcome to Eden Personalised Boutique.

My name is Sofi and i’m the owner and creator of Eden Personalised Boutique. I thought i’d start with a little introduction into the business, as it’s nice to know who you’re buying from!

I started this business back in 2017, mainly because I really enjoyed dressing my baby girl in monochrome fashion. Black and white leggings and a black polo neck top was my favourite combination for baby Mya! I found it increasingly hard to find decent, good quality monochrome items, suitable for babies. This difficulty spurred me to source a leggings wholesaler and started buying in and selling leggings from overseas. The initial response was amazing! Nobody locally had seen leggings or kid’s fashion items like the leggings, so they took off really well. After a few months, I found the quality of the leggings from the supplier started to get worse. I decided it was time to venture into new items.

I contacted a local printing business to help me with some designs, to be printed on a few new garments i’d sourced from a UK supplier. After months of back and forth discussing designs and fine detail, three designs were picked and printed. I was SO EXCITED to show my previous customers and potential new customers my new clothing! I built a website from scratch (with a little help from an old uni friend), set up all of my social media and launched this new range of children’s clothing…… After the initial buzz, sales started to get a bit slow and I needed more designs asap. The local printing business was busy, turn around time was eight weeks and I couldn’t keep waiting that long. That’s when I decided to invest in my own printing equipment and create all designs/ prints myself.

The Struggle

The fun started when I started to teach myself how to use the equipment. It was painfully frustrating, infuriating and time consuming! I made so many mistakes, wasted loads of material and really struggled to understand the program. The struggle was worth it though, I mastered it in a few months and started producing a few unique designs.

The Triumph

Fast forward a year after getting my own equipment and business is booming! There are many regular customers, daily new customers and a whole lot of support from local and online communities!

Eden Personalised Boutique specialises in all things personalised, from children’s clothing to personalised wedding gifts. Hundreds of designs have been created and thousands of items have been hand personalised and shipped out all over the world.

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